Unexpected Friendships

Sometimes in life we become friends with people you would least expect to become friend with. In the animal world this happens quite often. You hear of those situations where sheep think cows are their parents or this situation where a lion cub becomes friends with a dog. You just wouldn’t expect the situation to arise but it’s the cutest thing. I think the most exciting thing about this is that love is love, friendship is friendship and sometimes in life things are just meant to me. It would be so awesome to see life though the mind of a child once again. As you get older society influences the way you perceive things. What’s ‘normal’ and what’s ‘weird’ it’s incredible to see children playing with other children for no other reason than they enjoy each other’s company. To a child, race, sexuality, wealth and religion really don’t matter. If someone is nice to you that’s good enough to form a friendship. Next time you meet someone think about every little thing you’re analysing about them and try to free yourself from judgment. You may become close friends with someone you may never have considered being friends with before.

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