San Andreas – Review

If you’re looking for a realistic representation of an earthquake. DO NOT see this film. If however you want to go and be sitting on the edge of you seat in awkward anticipation with a few cringe moments then this definitely the movie for you.

Dwayne Johnson is the perfect man for the role of Ray. Watching the film you really could feel the love he has for his family in particular his daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario). The story stems from a broken family unit which created a sense of compassion through both Blake and Ray. Blake was caught between the awkwardness of her mum moving on from her dad. For her she just had to accept what was going on and remain friends with her dad and her mum. From the beginning of the movie you got the feeling Ray would like to rekindle his romance with Emma (Carla Gugino).

I like the fact that you have no idea which was this movie is going to go. Personally I experienced the Christchurch earthquakes and I found some of the contents of the film a little unrealistic. For example the characters running around when a 9 point earthquake is happening. I was thrown to the ground in a 6 point so a 9 point would completely flatten you and everything around you. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot line but there are definitely parts of a boat scene which are rather unrealistic too. I think with movies like this you just need to remember you’re not going to watch it for the truth factor. You’re not there for a documentary. You’re there to be entertained. This movie definitely is entertaining to say the least.

The characters are relatable. You will get pulled in by the story line. You will wish that there was something you could do from your seat to help. You might feel guilt that you’re being entertained by a natural disaster that could potentially happen one day. You might feel guilty that earthquakes have claimed the lives of many people around the world over time but I think this movie also educated people about the power of earthquakes. Yes this seems like an unrealistic scale but who’s to know how big an earthquake can be. Who’s to know that this isn’t possible. Every day we are learning more through science.

You will love the closing scene of the movie. When you watch it you will know exactly what I am talking about… I definitely think this one is worth watching. Personally it wasn’t my favourite movie of all time but I did still enjoy it and found it entertaining. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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