Society’s Idea Of Perfection.

I got a tweet last night asking me what I think about society’s idea of perfection. It is something I feel quite strongly about so I decided to write a blog about it. People throw around the word ‘perfect’ I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because no one really knows what perfect actually is. […]

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I don’t want this to be one of those deep and meaningful posts that makes you think I am sad because I am not sad. I am the happiest I have been in a long time it’s just sometimes life feels stagnant. I keep busy most of the time whether it be work related, friend […]

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Life is what you make of it too often we complain about thing we don’t have and things we can’t do. Why not make today that day you achieve the things you never thought possible. Let go of everything holding you back take control of your life. Go and do the things you’ve always wanted […]

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This sums it up really. Life is full of people. They will come and go. They will be there. They will let you down. You will fall in and out of love. The sun will rise. The stars will shine. You will eat. You will sleep. You will live. These are things that will all […]

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Truth Speaks. There is nothing worse than someone lying to you and as a result loosing trust in them what is worse is when someone loses trust in you for lying. It isn’t difficult to be honest. I haven’t always been honest and it has definitely had negative influences on my life. I don’t live in […]

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“I am who I Am but all I want is to feel wanted.”

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The Sun Is Rising.

Music really is an incredible thing. When I am down I rely on music to get me through what ever situation I am going through. It is strange to think that someone else has written a song about a situation that could be completely different to the situation you’re going through but still you feel […]

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People often talk about regret. Regret is something you should illuminate from your life. There is no real need for regret. Life happens and there is no way of  stopping it. No matter what happens the sun will always rise tomorrow. I think the main thing about life is to learn every day! Learn from […]

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