Party Starters

It might be Sunday night but surely that is the perfect time to start planning the next shin dig at your place. Let’s be honest there are a few bits and bobs you need to make a party. Cups, ice, shot classes and decorations are a great place to start. I’ve had a look through […]

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Quote Crazy

I am the kind of person that likes to have some inspiration or motivation around at all times. A really simple but awesome way to keep motivation around is to have a quote wall. While you might be the kind of person that likes to print off quotes from Tumblr and stick them to your […]

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Final Furnishings

A room is just a shell until you make it your own. There are some really easy ways to finish a room. Cushions are always an easy way of adding a homily more comfortable vibe to a room. Personally I like shaggy pillows but pillows with quotes are another weakness. I am obsessed with hanging […]

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Breakfast In Bed

The say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, well so it happens my bed is my favourite place. Mix the two together and you’ve got the most important meal of the day in the best place you can eat it. There are a few simple things which can enhance your breakfast in […]

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Industrial Lamps

I have a random obsession with things that look industrial at the moment. Every room that I have ever had has been extremely tame. It’s been minimalist with not much decoration and there has never really been a theme. The next bedroom I have I want to keep to a theme and I am beginning […]

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Millions Of Mats

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Door Mat USD $50 NZD $78.28 Computer Keyboard Doormat USD $32 NZD $50.09 Unlock Doormat USD $49.90 NZD $78.13   The Fredrick Moustache Doormat by Petite Ambre USD $30 NZD $46.97 Oh No! Not You Again Doormat USD $30 NZD $46.97

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Piles Of Pillows

Pillows, cushions what ever you want to call them it’s important to have a lot of them around and what’s more important is to make sure they’re cute! At the moment I am obsessed with French Bulldogs so of course I want to get some French Bulldog pillows. Pillows with quotes always go down a […]

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Buckets Of Books

Ok before you’re like Cam you don’t read anything bare with me for a minute. There is a very niche market of books that I enjoy. When I actually have time to read I love it but it turns out life gets busy and it’s a lot quicker to watch a movie than read a […]

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Bathroom Bonanza

The Bathroom is often a part of the house you don’t think of. You go there to clean up or clean out… if you know what I mean. The thing about the bathroom is there is some awesome stuff that can easily make your bathroom a lot more fun. Here are some of my favourite […]

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Cups Of Cats

There are people and then there are cat people. While some cat people poses most the normal traits of a human there are some that have a little something extra. These special cat people with a bit of extra specialness are my kind of people. They surroud themselves with lots of cats. They surround themselves […]

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