I don’t really know where this obsession has come from but I am loving curve peaked hats at the moment. Part of me likes them because they add an element of mystery to an outfit. A cap is a little extra accessory you can add to your outfit. Great for sun protection and […]

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Celeb Style Inspo

While I think it’s awesome to have your own unique style I think it’s also fun to have some celebrities you look up to for fashion inspiration. I have four main celebs I look to for style tips the first is Harry Styles, he’s pretty much the reason I have a man bun. Zac Efron […]

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6 Trends At ASOS

Sometimes it’s hard to know what looks good and what is popular. Luckily for you the kind people at ASOS give you a list of some of their top sellers. This is a mixture of their suggestions and some things that I think are awesome from ASOS. If you’re ever unsure if something looks good […]

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Shoe Time

      It’s slowly getting warmer which means it’s almost time to trade in the high tops for low tops. If you’re in America that transition to high tops will slowly be happening as the days begin to get colder. While New Zealand summers are quite warm during the days it’s always good to […]

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Monochrome Masterpieces

I am loving the monochrome look at the moment. There is something about an all black/all white/black and white outfit that I am loving at the moment. I think it’s the fact that it’s simple. My mind seems to be in overdrive at the moment thinking about a whole bunch of different things so I […]

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Today is A$AP Rocky’s birthday to celebrate I thought we’d take a look at his style evolution. A$AP Sporty For any artist performing your music in another country is a massive moment. 2013 was one of those moments for ASAP Rocky. Originally from Harlem, New York he made the trip to the UK to perform […]


Outfit Of The Day – 1

This is a casual look that I’m loving. Personally I am not a massive fan of white shoes unless you’re going for a casual look. I really enjoy white shoes with joggers/sweat pants. Sweat pants with an elastic or fitted cuff are awesome with a baggy sweater. If you’ve got a favourite university get your […]

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How To: Dress For Traveling

Forget the usual rules of fashion. Don’t worry about the fit… the baggier the better the stretchier the better the more elastic the better. Just because you’re comfortable it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good. While you in the air it doesn’t matter so much in fact when I am flying I like to […]

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